Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Small But Mighty Grants

Last week, we featured a woman's only grant. This week we are featuring a grant just for Philadelphia artists. It is called Small But Mighty Arts Grants

The creative genius behind this organization is Erica Hawthrone and she spoke at our last WCA meeting. Erica  is a Minnesota native, singer and spoken word artist who moved to Philly for its art scene.  She won a Knight Arts Challenge grant for her project, Small But Mighty Arts Grant, which positions itself as a source of micro-grant source for local up-and-coming artists in need of project funding.

Here's a bit about the mission from the website:

SBM arts grant will serve as a catalyst for artists to further their creative work, thus helping them gain artistic momentum.  With this momentum, artists may be more prepared to advance their creative careers, including the ability to attain other professional opportunities as well as additional funding.   The community also greatly benefits when artists are able to share their work by enhancing the creative landscape in Philadelphia and building a stronger creative economy.

Please make sure that you sign up for the mailing list and show your support for this amazing Philly organization!
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