Thursday, February 28, 2013

WCA Conference

The WCA Conference started at 7:30 am with  Chapters' Council Meeting & Elections. I felt honored to represent the Philadelphia Chapter and share all of our great chapter events. In March, the Philadelphia Chapter had been inspired by Penn’s “Year of Games”, International Women’s Day 2012 at International House Philly highlights the interdisciplinary landscape of women’s health and the challenges to achieving justice. This summer exhibit, RE/Using our RE/Sources, an Eco-Art Performance and Exhibit, had its opening reception on Sunday, June 24, 2012 at the Sandy Springs Museum in Sandy Springs, Maryland. This exhibition and performance was a combination of efforts by the Washington DC and Philadelphia Chapter. In the fall, Women's Caucus for Art Philadelphia Chapter members led an anonymous band of sketchers through Old City First Friday in September 2012.
Additionally, Holy Family University invited us to hold a month long exhibition. Members and HFU Faculty spoke on a panel about Women and Technology. This winter, Women's Caucus for Art Philadelphia Chapter Ragdoll Project Chair Joanna Fulginiti and Co-President Bonnie MacAllister submitted our Ragdoll Project video to Philly DoGooder.  We also have a call for art to our Philadelphia Members and the DC and NYC chapters. The representatives then voted for the national board members.

I had time to network with some wonderful chapter representatives. In fact, the New Hampshire chapter had a great fundraiser idea. They printed notecards of members' artwork and sold the notecards to sustain thier scholarship fund. Of course, I bought the notecards and will bring them to the April meeting.

Then it was off the Brunch with Luminaries at Mangia Restaurant, 50 West 57th Street. Luminaries were Emma Amos, Diane Burko, Faith Ringgold, and Ruth Weisberg and Cynthia Navaretta.

The afternoon was spent at lectures- the WCA/CAA Panel WCA Blockbuster Shows: Renewal, Activism & Innovation and the  WCA/CAA Panel Building a Legacy for Women Artists. 

If you have never been to a WCA conference, I would highly recommend it. The connections that I made were amazing. Everyone was so enthusiastic, positive and welcoming!

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