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Board Minutes, February 9, 2014

Women’s Caucus for Art
Philadelphia Chapter Board Minutes

February 9, 2014 Meeting 2-4 PM MCAD faculty dining room
Our next meeting is March 9, 2014, 2PM at Moore College of Art & Design in the back of the cafeteria to the left (faculty dining room). Bring your ID, a piece of work (or link to it), and a snack to share. Hope you can join us!
Upcoming meetings: March 9, 2014, April 6, 2014, May 4, 2014, June 8, 2014

Kristin Osgood Lamelas Bonnie MacAllister Eva Preston
Emily Schnellbacher Jude Lang
Toni Nash
Linda Horn
Virginia Maksymowicz
C.W. Clara Lewis Zakiyyah Ali
In the previous minutes that went out there was a typo. Teresa Unseld’s correct email address is Sorry Teresa!
Welcome Dumpster Divers!
Bonnie gave history to new members.
The WCA open doors for women, they grandmother you in. Please feel free to write articles for blog. Everyone introduced themselves.

  • ●  Sent Debby info and logo for cards.
  • ●  Debby made a card and emailed proof. Looks great! She is having them printed. Thanks
  • ●  Sent Cathy membership info. She is cross checking lists. She sent out a reminder to the non-current members to send in their dues and let them know what's coming up (1 group show so far) Cathy made two lists and sent the welcome letter digitally to current members. Thanks Cathy! Membership is strong!
  • ●  Teresa Unseld mailed a hard copy of the welcome letter to current members. She will bring in her receipt to the next meeting for reimbursement. Thanks Teresa!
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  • ●  Emily Schnellbacher has been updating our Blog, Facebook and Twitter pages with member shows and upcoming events. Thanks Emily!
  • ●  Emily- the blog looks wonderful! You are really doing a great job with it. I think we should still collect from the blog and shoot out a monthly mailchimp with exhibition opportunities to members- or shoot out a link to the blog as a reminder to check it.
  • ●  Please be aware: Someone outside of our board posted the welcome letter on Facebook and Twitter. We don’t know who did it or why- I’m sure intentions were good- however, I took it down because that information should only be made available to paying members.
  • ●  We are phasing out Phila caucus FB page for Women's Caucus for Art Philadelphia chapter page. Way better.
  • ●  Calendar: I thought I could share this with everyone so you could add your upcoming shows, but it doesn’t let me. I need to type in your email address to give you permission to edit. I gave Emily, Virginia, Eva, Cathy, Laura, Bonnie, Teresa and Debbie access so far. If you don’t have access please email your events to Emily at or email me at and I will give you access. Thanks!
  • ●  Emily: Do you know if this can this be posted as a permanent feature on our Blog, Google doc and FB pages? Emily is working on this. We are having sharing issues. Need to make it open to all.
  • ●  Calendar: group.calendar.googl
    Inliquid: not sure we have access to this email- need to check. 

    We will be awarding a scholarship to a senior at Moore this year- $100 and membership to WCA come to meeting to present the award or go to ceremony?
    Also open to offering a HS award School Distict in Philly $100 and a Lifetime Achievement Award
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A note from Alisa Fox:
I wanted to pass on to you and maybe others in the group that I have a large scale Barco projector that I used for installations that needs to be used. I don't have the focus or means to work with it at this point and I am looking to sell it to a good home. It works wonderfully and has been used at the Crane and other locations. I've attached the owners manual and let me know if anyone is interested.
Thanks and I hope this finds you and everyone at WCA well.
Take care,
Alisa Fox
Holy Family September
  • ●  Bonnie agreed to write the proposal for Pam. She wrote the last three to Holy Family.
  • ●  Name options: Material Girls: WCA Philadelphia Members Exchanging Studio Practice or eXchange: Changing Studios, 10x10 or 10x10x10 or WCA Philadelphia: eXchange:
  • ●  10x10 x10 piece made with these materials. have pedestals, additional pieces no wider
    than 10”, 10 x 40 limit, 10” wide x10 artists x 10 materials
    1.Cathy Demarco
    2. Emily Schnellbacher
    3 Virginia
    Maksymowicz 4. Jude Lang
    5. C.W. Clara Lewis
    6. Linda Lou Horn
    7. Toni Nash
    8 Eva Preston
    9 Kristin Lamelas
    10 Bonnie MacAllister

  • ●  All members exchanged materials and are busy making work. 2 additional pieces will also be needed for the show.
  • ●  Pam proposed Holy Family one woman shows. Bonnie will mention this idea next time she writes them.
City Line Gallery
Eva Preston is curating a show and would like to know who wants to be in it. It’s at the book store near Lord and Taylor. next to Michaels. Used to be Lucille Roberts. City Line Gallery inside the book store. Date TBD walls and maybe some free standing works. Discuss with Eva. No insurance.
We can have a book signing- Bonnie Interested.
Poetry slams on Wed night. Storytellers for children. Great parking and location.
Will need music and food for opening, graphics and flyers

The Painted Bride
wants to meet with WCA to discuss a chapter exhibition. Director Laurel Raczka is on board. The exhibition would honor the UN Millennium Development Goals as an NGO of UN. For reference: "Gender Inequality" and "Investing in Women and Girls" are possible themes.
University of Penn
Eva asked Bonnie to name possible venues in the University of Penn:
Contact person is Anastasia Shown at African Studies (she was my Program Manager on my Fulbright) and also Labaron Palmer. Previous UN shows at Penn were Women and Water, Women.
We had a member spotlight exhibit at the Fox Gallery.
In Delaware:
We held our Rubia Afghan Women's quilt show at the City Municipal Building. Sonia Sherrod was the one who arranged it.
Delaware Art Museum- battle of the sexes michele wilson ballot box guess if the work was done by a woman or man controversy.
WCA/DC/ Phila WCA show
Jane Forth in the WCA/DC chapter is interested in doing another joint WCA/DC and WCA Philadelphia show. She is a member of the Philadelphia Chapter and a PAFA alum, but she lives in VA. Bonnie is very close to her.

Quoting their message:
Glenstone Museum is located out in Potomac, MD. I think that it would be a great spring event. To visit the museum you must reserve a time slot in advance with the museum. They will schedule docent-led tours with groups of 15 or fewer. (You can't go through the museum by yourself.) Glenstone also has wonderful outdoor sculpture. The docent I talked to on our last visit suggested coming back in April or May at the earliest if we want to walk around and see the outdoor sculpture.
We should discuss this further at the next meeting.
Open Call for Artist -Submissions
Twitter Art Exhibit: Orlando
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