Monday, February 10, 2014

National WCA News: Eco-Art Caucus News and Leadership Opportunity

With a WCA Philadelphia membership, you are a member of National WCA, and you can choose to be part of any of the internal caucuses for free.  Here is the latest news from the Eco-Art Caucus which is meeting in Chicago as part of the National Conference.  To learn more about the Eco-Art Caucus, click here.

Eco-Art Caucus Annual Meeting — Thursday 10 am to 12 
Essex Inn Hotel, Park East Gallery, Chicago

"A big thank you to everyone who send in a image to Amy Larson and also to those who joined in the conference calls. We will be using them for a fun "Image Fest" during our conference caucus meeting— plus posting them online.

We are fortunate to get to start the conference together- which will give us multiple days to continue our conversations.  Regretfully, like some of you, this year I will only be there in spirit. 

Please welcome Danielle Eubank who will guide the morning session.  She's a talented painter, strong environmental steward, educator and leader that I've gotten to know working in our Southern California Eco-Art group.

We have many interesting things on our agenda including the "Image Idea Fest" described above — along with time to look ahead for the coming year.

We also need to manage several business items including the election of an eco-art caucus rep to the national WCA board. 

And be sure when you renew your WCA membership on that you check the box for eco-art caucus so we an easily stay in touch."

Best Wishes, 

Marylinda Moss / WCA Eco-Art Caucus Chair 
Danielle Eubank / SCWCA Eco-Art Facilitator

Anyone interested in representing the special interest caucuses as a WCA board member?

There are three special interest caucus positions available on the national WCA Board. These positions represent and speak for the concerns of all four caucuses not just the eco-art caucua. . 

This year, the Eco-Art Caucus can have a position on the board  as last year we sat out. Board members are asked to attend both the annual meeting in February and the summer board meeting in July at their own expense as well as meet other contribution requirements, such as a minimum of $500 in contributions or fundraising and a working contribution by serving or chairing a committee or contributing to a project. 

Our Eco-Art caucus must vote on a representative at the meeting. Any eco=art caucus member in good standing (current with their 2014 membership) who will commit to the above requirements can be considered and I would be happy to have another leader in our midst! Please let me know in advance if you are interested. We will vote on this at the meeting. This is for a three year term.

I should also add that there is a strategic planning session set for this summer that might change how board positions are currently structured. But, it's important that you can meet the parameters above.  The February Conference will be in New York next year and then the following in Washington DC.  The summer conference this year will be in Portland, OR but it's not known where it will be later. 
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