Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Congratulations Lauren Keesler

Congratulations Lauren Keesler!

Lauren Keesler is a Curatorial Studies graduating senior at Moore College of Art and Design

It was my great honor to present an award on behalf of the WCA Philadelphia Chapter to a graduating senior at Moore tonight. Special thanks to Jude Lang and Simone Spicer for helping to decide on a winner. There was SO much really STRONG work.

It was a challenge, but Keesler's piece really sealed the deal for us. Below is a copy of my speech and images of Keesler's thesis titled "Stand Together". She asks challenging questions about women and, through the headphones, you can listen to firsthand accounts of women telling their stories, viewers are then invited to share their own answers to the questions and share them on the wall.
"I stand before you today, not only as the President of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Women’s Caucus for Art, but as a two time Moore alumna. I love this place! (Go Moore!)

Moore has a long history with the Women’s Caucus for Art and has supported this organization since it begun in 1972. Moore provided a place for the Philadelphia Chapter to meet and explore ideas. The WCA is committed to providing recognition, support and opportunities for women artists just like you and welcome you to join and get involved in our chapter. (I have lots of business cards- so come hit me up) We like to show our appreciation to Moore by recognizing one of its students with a scholarship and complimentary WCA membership.

I came here today with two of my colleagues and fellow WCA members, Jude Lang  and Simone Spicer. Together, we spent lots of time studying at all of the work on display. We were so impressed. Your work is very strong! We really struggled with choosing just one artist, as every one of you is extremely talented! 

We decided to give the award to someone who’s work had an especially powerful feminist message and one that embodies the spirit of which the WCA was formed. It is with great pleasure that we give the Women’s Caucus for Art Philadelphia Chapter Award to Lauren Keesler. Congratulations!"

-Kristin Osgood Lamelas, BFA '94, MFA '11

Lauren Keesler "Stand Together"

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