Sunday, November 12, 2017

Women, Art, & Technology

Exhibition at Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery, University of the Arts
October 8th - December 8th

"Making/Breaking the Binary: Women, Art, & Technology 1968-1985" is a multi-venue project surveying a generation of pioneering female new media artists, reconsidering their role as technology innovators who helped shape the information age.

The core of the project takes place at the Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery at the University of the Arts at 333 South Broad Street in Philadelphia.

Rutherford VDU operator, Ruth Jeans  10/06/76


Beryl Korot
Jennifer Bartlett
Sonia Landy Sheridan
Lynn Hershman Leeson
Catherine Jansen
Pati Hill
Laurie Spiegel
Dara Birnbaum
Shigeko Kubota
Joan Jonas
Lynda Benglis
Mary Ross
Howardena Pindell
Lillian Schwartz

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