Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holiday Party: Little Dresses for Africa and Cards for the A21 Campaign

1) Please bring a food or drink item (comment with what you will bring). **Ellen will send you directions to her house once you RSVP here and list your food or drink item.  If you do not have Facebook, please comment upon this post or email  

2) Also please bring pillowcases or fabric so that we can make dresses for Little Dresses for Africa ( or a larger piece of fabric if you'd like to make your own dress or skirt. It should not be fabric that you do not want to cut up.

3) We ask that this year that each member make a card for the A21 Campaign ( so that we help those who are in need this holiday season: We will collect cards and mail them in bulk. (See below***)

4) We will also have a chance to work on dolls for the Human Trafficking Awareness exhibition and to complete Traveling Journal pages for the 40th Anniversary Women's Caucus for Art Convention.

***Guidelines for cards:
Address your letter along the lines of "Dear Beautiful" or "Lovely," and write an encouraging note that places value and worth upon the girls. In the contents of your letter, be sure to refrain from stating your own beliefs or talking too much about your job or lifestyle, as these girls have all come from differing backgrounds and deserve to be respected and not made to feel bad about their situations. Obviously, they have been through a lot, and we ask that in your letters you do not claim to understand their situations or try to relate to what they have been through. End your letter by signing with your first name only, and do not include any personal details. These letters are for the purpose of encouragement and support.

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